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MacBook Pro A1706, A1707, A1708 Data Recovery. We offer data recovery for MacBook Pro computers with soldered SSDs 2016/2017

Mac PC NY specializes in: Laptop Data Retrieval, Hard Drive Data Recovery, Mac Data Recovery, External Hard Drive Recovery, USB Flash Drives, iPhone iPad Data Recovery, Email File Data Recovery and Hard Drive Password Removal from Locked Hard Drives.

Damaged hard Drive? STOP! Don’t make it worse!

Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!

If your hard drive has failed, is clicking, grinding, or malfunctioning, we strongly advise that you immediately turn it off. Further damage can occur if you try to fix it yourself, especially if you hear scraping, grinding, clicking or other unusual sounds. These sounds indicate that something is scraping the platter surfaces and could make any chance of successful recovery impossible.

Our NYC hard drive data recovery services are custom-designed to rapidly and completely resolve your specific data recovery needs. Whether your need for a hard drive data recovery solution was precipitated by a loss of data, by corrupted files, liquids or other contaminants, a hard drive crash or an inadvertently formatted hard drive, in most cases the need to recover this information is  critical and time-sensitive .

There is always a chance of hard drive to get damaged; however this damage can be physical or logical. In case of logical failure of hard disk drive the BIOS will detect the drive but hard drive will not boot. If you have suffered from a hard drive failure, then feel free to contact us. If you have data on a broken machine that needs to be recovered or if you just want to take steps to avoid it, we are here to help.

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Here are some of the most common data recovery services we provide:

  • Hard drive makes clicking sound
  • Mechanical hard drive failure
  • Hard drive surface damage
  • Accidental data or file deletion
  • Accidental reformatting of RAID
  • Deleted or corrupted log file
  • File system corruption
  • Laptop Hard Drive recovery
  • Inaccessible drive files
  • External drive turns on but no files

Apple Mac Data Recovery Service

Who would have thought that a Mac could crash? Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think. Hard drives have a 100% failure rate and when they fail it takes very specialized tools, knowledge and techniques in order to recover the data. Common symptoms for a mac hard drive failure are: spinning wheel, flashing folder icon, grey screen, kernel panic. We recover data from all Mac machines with HFS, HFS+ file systems . So, if your Macintosh system displays such error messages, bring your machine to us for a free evaluation.